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Big Twin Magazine

Our boy the the Flying Dutchman just posted a couple of big scans in his blog about a story on the Sinners running in the November issue of Bigtwin Magazine. Go check them out at his site: The Flyin’ Dutchman

Big Nick’s Scoot

Big Nick tells me that his bike is in these pictures somewhere. I like Nick, so I’ll take him at his word, but I’m having a real hard time seeing it… must be distracted or something. One more pic after the jump.

Click for bigger and check the forum for a couple more pics.

Chabott Engineering

I was talking to my buddy Jason last night and he reminded me about Chabott Engineering, the new company started by Zero Engineering founder Shinya Kimura. I had heard about Chabott, but until Jason reminded me I hadn’t searched out their website or seen any of their work. The site is nothing fancy, and there […]

Classic At Castletown Video

The second part of the Classics at Castletown video. This one is a bit longer and has a lot more classic Brit Bikes. Lots of full restorations, some cafe racers and just chalk full of british motorcycle goodness.


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Barber Vintage Races

Junkbrick from the Jockey Journal took a bunch of amazing pics at the Barber Vintage Festival and Races in Birmingham, Alabama and by the looks of it, it was one hellava time. Tons of cool old iron; dig into those vintage Harley’s, Indians… oh and are those Vincents I spot? Tasty. A lot of motorcycle history concentrated in […]

Garage Company: New Photo Gallery

I just uploaded a bunch of pictures from a Garage Company shop crawl thanks to Andy. If these pics don’t make your jaw hit the ground, you might be a lost cause. The amount of history in that place is unbelievable – the “engine corner” pic just brings me to my knees. Go check it […]

Classic at Castletown Video

I haven’t posted a video in quite some time, so here is one from the Classics at Castletown; a meeting by the VMCC at the Manx GP 2006. Tons of vintage British Motorcycles. Part 2 coming tomorrow.

1992 Sportster

Here’s one done up by flyn-eye over on the Horse board. A modern Sportster done right. Low and mean with a touch of sparkle – top notch all around.

1985 FXWG

Bral checks in from over the pond… the Netherlands to be exact with his 1985 FXWG. Lots of cool subtle details that make this bike a winner in my book – from the pinstriping on the tank to the 1” under rear shocks to the “double barrel” swing arm (take a close look at that). […]

The Lucite Lightning

Bryan checked in with me a couple days ago with some pics and extensive build details about his sweet ‘70 BSA Lightning. Man, this thing is pure sugar – to hear what Bryan has to say about it and see some more pics, click read more…

“My First bike…. I bought a 1970 650 Lightning that was […]

San Francisco Motorcycle Show 2006

Our good friend Victor from Sinners Inc. has once again provided us with a ton of great photos, this time from the San Francisco Motorcycle Show this past weekend. So many cool friggun’ bikes in this batch – have I mentioned how much I like metal engraving on rocker covers? 
Direct link to the gallery: San […]

Dice Magazine Issue 11!

Shizzam! The new Dice is out, so get your greasy hands ready for the sweetness. You can bet your ass I’ll have copies of this for sale in the new Knucklebuster store so get your dollars ready for that - just keep a few out of the ladies g-string the next time you hit the “gentleman’s […]

Thread City Cycles Ol Skool Show

Ray from the Murdercycles has posted another awesome gallery on the Murdercycles site, this time from the Thread City Cycles Ol Skool Show. Go give ‘em a look - lots of cool bikes to check out and make sure you check out the rest of the galleries they have on the site. Here is the link: […]

Even MORE Smoke Out West Pics

It’s like a sickness really. Another Smoke Out West photo gallery update thanks to Laura Sperry who sent me more than 100 photos she took. These pics have a totally different look to them, and I’m definitely a fan – the color and saturation give you the feeling that your right there in the middle of the […]

More Smoke Out Photos

Un-freakin’ stoppable. How about over 250 new photos from the Smoke Out West being added to the gallery? Almost 450 pics in that gallery and I’m not done with it yet. Many thanks to Shawn Chambers for those - his pics are amazing, definitely go check them out. If you already viewed the gallery when I first […]

Smoke Out West Photo Gallery

Just posted almost 200 pics from the Smoke Out West in the photo section. Many thanks to Vic from Sinners Inc for providing all the photos. If you have pics from the Smoke Out send them my way (or send me a link to somewhere I can grab them from – email to and […]

Smoke Out West Burn Out Videos

A couple videos of some burn outs from the Smoke Out West this past weekend.One more behind the cut.

Lars Anderson Motorcycle Show

Chris sent me these links he came across from the Lars Anderson European Motorcycle Show in Boston this past weekend.  Tons of cool bikes, go check em out.
Few more samples behind the cut.

A couple samples:


Gary Griffin Motorcycle Photos

Gary Griffin has some amazing photo work of bikes on his site. Honestly some of the nicest bike photography I have seen in a long time – his other work is awesome too. Do yourself a favor and go check out his site: Good Luck Photo  Click on Kustom for the bike pics.
(pics © Gary […]