Metalworking Links

A couple of quick links in regards to metalworking you may or may not have seen. Check this stuff out:

Henrob 2000: Tig/Plasma/Torch all in one and at a reasonable price? Apparently this really works too. I plan on getting one myself until I can afford a proper Tig setup.

Easy Aluminum Welding/Brazing / Dura Fix: Watch the video, looks damn cool and simple. Wouldn’t use it on anything structural, but then again, I probably wouldn’t be making anything structural out of aluminum.

Fay Butler: The man needs no introduction in the metal shaping world – one of the most renowned metal shapers around, and from the great state of Massachusetts no less. You might remember him as the copper guru from that Jesse James Motorcycle Mania Show (the second or third one I think). Fay runs seminars once a month, one of these days I’m going to take the 3 days off of work and head out to Western, MA and hook it up.

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