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Home Built S+S Chopper

Check this chop built by Vishous (from the Horse Board). Nice and clean, digging the color scheme and the pinstriping really sets it off. More Pics and Info after the cut.

 the rundown…96″ S and S rods and wheelssputhe casesifton cam Jims titanium pushrodsS and S oil pump and breatherDyna ignitionwiseco pistonsdual plug heads, right side […]

Metalworking Links

A couple of quick links in regards to metalworking you may or may not have seen. Check this stuff out:
Henrob 2000: Tig/Plasma/Torch all in one and at a reasonable price? Apparently this really works too. I plan on getting one myself until I can afford a proper Tig setup.
Easy Aluminum Welding/Brazing / Dura […]

Think your a hardcore biker?

Don’t fool yourself. Check out these guys in New Zealand at the Brass Monkey Rally. Fuck that looks cold.

Vintage Scans

I picked up a bunch of old chopper magazines at the show yesterday. Lots of great old stuff in there, so from time to time I’ll be posting some scans of cool bikes or articles. The following pics are from the 1982 April issue of Custom Bike. I absolutely love the paint on this bike: […]

Mass BIA Motorcyle Show Pics

Just posted an update to the photos section; bunch of pics from the Mass British Iron Association yesterday. Most of the pics are of the choppers and customs that were there, so there is not many different bikes, but a ton of pics of each bike. Here is a direct link to the gallery: Mass […]

Ducati Cafe Racer

Chris sent me a link to this page today with some awesome pics of this Ducati Cafe Racer. The pics are amazing, do yourself a favor and go check them out:

1945 HD Turbo Flathead Custom

This ‘45 turbocharged flathead built by Brew Bikes is one of the nicest flatty’s I’ve seen in a long time. So many cool little details to point out, but at the same time the bike is super clean and smooth. Everything flows together naturally from the front end to the taillight. Check out that Brew […]

Pinstriping Video

Be warned, this is a long video – about 10 minutes, but it’s more than worth the time. I’m not sure where this is originally from – it looks professionally produced. What you get is 10 minutes of guys pulling lines and some great visual insight on some pinstriping techniques. No talking, just guys working […]

New Order Chopper Show Video

 This is why I love YouTube – how else would I get to see something like this. This is the New Order Chopper Show in Japan – so many cool fucking bikes – can’t understand a damn thing, but who cares.

Indian Larry Block Party Pics

Joey (HDShovel82 from the Horse board) has just contributed a bunch of great pics from the Indian Larry Block Party last weekend. Big thank you goes out to him. See all the pics behind the cut.


Surrounded by cool British motorcycles

Fuck man, so many cool bikes in the video: I wish this video was a lot longer, but I’ll take what I can get.

More BSA Fever?

In keeping with the BSA fever we’ve been partaking in and witnessing around here, here’s a short video for you. I’m not sure who Randy is, but he has a smokin’ beeza.

Breaking Down the BSA

Watch us completely break down and strip a 1967 BSA Thunderbolt chopper as we get it ready for a ground up rebuild.
Watch The Video By Clicking More

Matt Hotch Biker Build Off Bike

I don’t usually post about TV builders and that whole scene, however, this bike is too fucking cool and such a departure from the normal TV stuff I feel compelled. Check out the Vincent chopper Matt Hotch built – too fucking sweet. Perimeter breaks, 26” front, 20” rear. How cool is it that he chopped […]

Bobbydeville’s BSA

New board member Bobbydeville posted about his home built ‘67 BSA Lightning late last week. After taking a look at the pics and feature story posted about his bike on chopperweb, there was no doubt in my mind that it needed to be featured on Knucklebuster. Bobby’s got a great looking, clean, smooth and simple […]

Chaos Cycle: Dirty Sanchez

So I’ve been spending some time working on and promoting the Knucklebuster page on myspace. If you’ve got a mysapce account, make sure to add knucklebuster to your friends list. Here is our page there:
A couple of days ago, Chaos Cycles posted this bike as a bulletin on myspace, so I got in touch […]

Indian Larry Block Party

The guys over at Murder Cycles have posted a huge gallery of pics from the Indian Larry Block Party. Tons of great pics – go check out the whole gallery here:

Cro Customs

Cro from Cro Customs out of Venice, CA dropped me a line today. So I checked out his website and was impressed with the bikes he’s churning out of his shop. This shovel is a great example of their work, lots of nice subtle touches, simple and smooth, great paint, dig that Turner Mic tail […]

Choppahead 5th Anniversary Pics

Just added a new gallery to the photos section full of pics from the Choppahead 5th Anniversary bash. Thanks to Big Nick for the pics – I’m bummed I missed it, looks like a great time. As a side note, one bike from the bunch really blew me away. I’m not sure who Seth is, […]

Paul’s 1946 Flathead

I’m a little brain dead today after a whirlwind weekend of traveling, so you’ll have to excuse me if I’m a little incoherent. So while I was out of town this weekend, Paul emailed me with pics of his ‘46 Flathead. I had seen the bike before over on the Choppahead board and was digging […]