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Stunt Show Gone Wrong

These guys are usually a lot of fun to watch, but this is one of the reasons I never stand near the front. Ouch.

Motor Sphere

I’m not sure when this clip from the Letterman Show is from, but damn it’s pretty impressive. Maybe some of you guys have seen more than 7 dirtbikes inside one of these “balls of death”, but I personally haven’t. Check out the video:

2006 Knucklebuster Motorcycle Show Video

Footage from the 2006 Knucklebuster Motorcycle ShowFilmed and edited by George of GTS Video and Motorcyle Night.
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Gallery Updated

The photo gallery has been updated with the first batch of photos from the motorcycle show – thanks to Dave, Jim and Sean for providing pics. I’m still captioning all the photos, but you can go check them out – lots of good stuff in there. More to come!
Some samples: (Bigger pics and plenty of […]

George’s Video

This video trailer of the Motorcycle Show & Swap was done by George of GTS video and Motorcycle Night. I think it came out great, but because it’s being hosted on myspace it takes a long time to load – definitely worth the wait though. Hopefully I’ll be able to host this on youtube or […]

Biker Build Off

So the new season of Biker Build Off kicked off last night. This usually wouldn’t be of any interest to me (especially in the summer when my TV never gets turned on) however the season kicked off with the Russell Mitchell vs. Billy Lane episode which they were shooting at Laconia, so I had to […]

Thank You

Where to begin… how about with awesome, wow and thank you. The show was a fantastic success and I am ecstatic with how everything turned out. I’m much too tired and run down at this particular moment to wax poetic on the day’s events, but I do want to take this moment for a long […]