Lead Fist Chop Shop

I just stumbled upon the work of these guys, and I’m impressed. Lead Fist Chop Shop are out of Kingston, NY and if these pics are any indication, they do some great work. Lets start out with this CB500 – talk about night and day. The end result is one sick looking scoot. I’m loving the whole design, but the paint and tank scallop are total sugar baby.
More Pics and info behind the cut.

Lead_17 Lead_21
And how about a chop using what is probably the sweetest looking engine in existance, I mean seriously – there are very few engines that can beat the look of a knuckle in terms of aesthetic qualities. Lead Fist built a hell of a ‘sickle with it as well. This bike looks mean and fast just standing still. Great stance and lines. Not sure if they’re finishing this off with paint or leaving it in bare metal – either way I’m digging the look of it.
Lead_11 Lead_14 Knuckleafter
Here is a little more about Lead Fist: “Lead Fist Chop Shop is a low budget chop shop speciallizing in turning old pieces of Jap Crap into rolling works of art. We also do any and all types of metal fabrication including steel, stainless, copper, aluminum, brass, etc. We do in-house custom paint, graphics, lettering, and pinstriping. We also do hand-tooled leather seats and bags. Please check us out at www.leadfist.com and contact us for more info. Send a self addressed stamped envelope to LFCS 82 Prince st. Kingston, NY 12401 for some stickers and stuff…thanks to everyone!!!

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