Lorena Bobber Custom Yamaha XS650 Chopper


Oldskewljay on Choppers Underground posted these amazing pics of his Lorena Bobber chop. I’ve loved the look of this bike since I first saw it before the Smoke Out. These pics are from a car show at a local airport – nothing like bikes and planes together. Tons of pics after the cut.

Bike12 Plane1 Plane2 Plane3 Plane4

Plane5 Plane6 Plane7 Plane10 Plane11

27 Responses to “Lorena Bobber Custom Yamaha XS650 Chopper”

  1. ronald says:

    yo great work on the bike!!!!! love it !!!! you got some more pictures??

  2. marc says:

    where can i find bikes like this for sale?…i’m looking for a yamaha bobber, but realy nice onse are hard to find..the lorena bobber is one of the nicest bikes i’ve ever seen


  3. grail21 says:

    They are indeed hard to find, but if you scour the usual places long enough they pop up: ebay, craigslist and the classified sections of messageboards (jockey journal, chopperfix, the chopper underground, the horse board…)

  4. Snowsquatch007 says:

    dude…the bike is sick. Its an inspirational peace of metal, not to mention the thing is freakin’ sweet looking.

  5. Ryan says:

    Ok im new to everything motorcycle!! But I know a sick bike when i see one! I have a few questions can you find that frame pre made or is it a one off piece??? also info on the tank?? Thanks Ryan

  6. grail21 says:

    The frame is custom, you’d have to find someone to make you one like that. The tank is off a Honda Dream I believe.

  7. Ryan says:

    hey thanks alot i figured the frame was custom but never hurts to ask!!! I guess its a good thing my dad is a fabricator/welder! Thanks for the info on the tank also! The bike is beautiful picking up an xs650 this weekend only hope it could be half as nice Thanks again!

  8. Joshua says:

    Anyone out there know where I can get more pics of this kickass bike?!?!? I have dozens of questions about it…like, how much rake on the neck? Fork length? Did he extend the frame any? I just purchased my first bike a month ago, and it’s a ‘77 XS650, and I’m curious what he may have left on the frame from stock. Thanks!!!

  9. sicky says:

    get your fucking jumbojet out of my airport!

    nice ride!!!

  10. Detroitguy22 says:

    Thing is super sick 4 sure! but it seems alot like the DETROIT BROS BIKES well the tank and frame anyway.

  11. Binh says:

    I like the girl posted with your bike. She is super fine !!!
    Great bikes too. Cheers.

  12. Ted says:

    Deftly a badass xs650.. that chicks pretty hot too… if you dig xs650 check out my blog xs650chopper.com

  13. hanoong says:

    i love you xs650 very very beau i am thailand

  14. Not a Honda: Airplane Bob / Shadow Bobber says:

    […] […]

  15. ron says:

    I was wondering if you could give me the specs on the frame. strech,rake,and drop thanks ron

  16. nate says:

    i love the design. is there any way i can get the specs for both frames. its a personal build. my first actualy. im 6′2″ and i like the drag look. i havn’t cut the stock frame yet. thank you for your help. i would be happy to sponsor any name you like.

  17. one says:

    i hear people always talking about going out and striaght up buying one of these. y not just buy a simple cruiser wit watevr engine u’d like and fix her up with fendr hookups, custom exhaust, apes,and if you dont like the tear drop stock tanks pay for a different one. you’ll nevr find a more balanced bike than a bike from a mainstream provider. As for me im undergoing work on a 2000cc vulcan. and as for miss sunshine “tite pants always get me, man dammm”

  18. Korey says:

    Hey I was wondering where I can get a fuel tank like that.

  19. Craig says:

    Apparently, Kjell, the guy who built the bike is a con - credit card fraud on customers. Got arrested and Choppers Unlimited is closed.

  20. Dan Koresh says:

    who is Kjell?, I bought it from Jay for my wife, but she has another bike now so…it is for sale

  21. Jan says:

    Cool Machine!
    I’m looking for time to fit these XS650 Bobbers and Choppers in on www.bobberworld.com !
    Keep ridin’!

  22. YamahaWR125Fan says:

    Wow, cooler Post. Danke Sehr ! Was machst du beruflich, wenn man fragen darf? Schau mal auf den Link meines Namens hier im Kommentar, ich habe ein Yamaha WR Form

  23. mcnut says:

    That is a killer bike, great combination set off perfectly by that little retro painted honda tank.

    The postion of the carbs look like they’ll suck air off your nuts, keep you sweat freee down there.

  24. Oldskewljay says:

    Wow, I just stumbled across this. I am the original owner of the bike and sold it to Dan in Washington. I have no clue who Kjell is but this bike was built here in Portage, Pa at my uncles shop..TC’s customs. We custom built the frame but retained the stock backbone, engine cradle and steering head so that it had the original vin number and was still considered a 1980 XS650. O yeah..Dan if you happen to see this, I got my riding boots out the other day and a spare key for the bike was in the stash compartment in them.. If you need it, shoot me an email… zippo_2000@hotmail.com

  25. Abimael says:

    I think I’m the new owner of this bike. I bought it from this guy up in Bellingham WA. It has a new paint job, and all. but he send me the pic with the oringinal paint job. Had to rebuilt the engine still in the works.

  26. Donamida says:

    that girl just WAY outshines the bike, amigos - you should have got someone somewhat genetically less perfect to promote the little yamaha, in my humble opinion :-)

  27. trevor says:

    Just curious of the whereabouts of this bike?? is it for sale? i followed the buildup on it and was curious where it went?

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