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Bitchin’ BSA Bobber

Fisherman on Chopper Underground has built what I can only describe as one of the most beautiful BSA bobbers I’ve seen. Absolutely gorgeous and perfectly executed. From the fabrication to the paint scheme to the lines and flow of the bike, it’s perfect. Check it out and I think you will agree. (some mockup and […]

Lead Fist Chop Shop

I just stumbled upon the work of these guys, and I’m impressed. Lead Fist Chop Shop are out of Kingston, NY and if these pics are any indication, they do some great work. Lets start out with this CB500 – talk about night and day. The end result is one sick looking scoot. I’m loving […]

Starting Her Up For The First Time

This is probably one of the best feelings in the world.

Funny Harley Commercial Part III

Last one, this one is pretty damn good too. Fucking twosies

Funny Harley Commercial Part II

Tons of updates coming your way (to make up for the lack of updates over the weekend since I’ll be away from the computer starting tonight)
Here is another of the Harley Commercials. This is my personal favorite.

Roger Allmond Custom Victory Video From MCN

A couple of posts ago I mentioned a custom Victory built by Roger Allmond. Motorcycle News posted this video of it on youtube. Check it out, lots of close ups and details – great looking bike.

Funny Harley Davidson Commercial

Yeah this sounds about right….

Lorena Bobber Custom Yamaha XS650 Chopper

Oldskewljay on Choppers Underground posted these amazing pics of his Lorena Bobber chop. I’ve loved the look of this bike since I first saw it before the Smoke Out. These pics are from a car show at a local airport – nothing like bikes and planes together. Tons of pics after the cut.


Flyrite 7 Sins Bike Video

Here’s a quick video of Mike Shea on the Flyrite 7 Sins bike “Gluttony” running a 1/8 mile at the HAMB Drags in Mokan.

Sweet Yamaha Chop

DrDano on the Jockey Journel has posted a bunch of great pics of the Yamaha chop he’s building. Great looking bike with lots of attention to detail. One pic of it below and a ton more here: Jockey Journal Thread

Custom Victory by Roger Allmond

Ok, so it’s not a home built, and doesn’t really follow traditional “chopper” styling but it’s still a sweet looking bike. Really digging the lines and stance – don’t love the wheels, but they fit in with the design.

via the Kneeslider…Roger Allmond, who we last saw when he built his Ducati powered T Bob, […]

Motorcycle Wall of Death part 2

Here is another short Wall of Death video found via youtube.

The Wall Of Death

The Wall of Death – an all time classic motorcycle stunt – and just as entertaining to watch today as it was 50–60 years ago. I’ll be posting various tidbits about the wall of death over the next few days, but lets start it off with this short video clip via youtube.

Choppahead Anniversary

The guys down at Choppahead are throwing a 5 Year Anniversary Party on August 9th at the Living Room in Providence. Without a doubt this will be a good time. I’ll be in Florida at the time so I won’t be able to make it, so head down and throw down some extra jackassery for […]

Guilty Customs

My buddy Beach over at the Beach Cruiser posted about these guys a couple days ago. I don’t know anything about them to be totally honest, and their bikes are kind of pricey for my wallet (but not outrageous in the Custom Bike world). However, I really dig the look of their Lucille bike. Gooseneck, […]

Honda Chopper

Pretzel127 over on Chopper Underground posted some pics of his Honda CB750 Choppper. I’m not usually a fan of inline fours, but every once in a while I see one that really impresses me and makes me wish I still had my CB650. This is one of them. Pretzel did an awesome job on his […]

Sucker Punch Sally Build

Just came across this build on Club Chopper using a SPS kit. I really dig what SPS does and have heard nothing but great things about them, their products and their customer service. But at the end of the day, I just flat out think they make killer looking bikes.
This bike was built by […]

Motorcycle Night

I hit up Lowell Motorcycle Night last night for their 10th anniversary bash. Great time, HUGE crowd, tons of fantastic bikes and just a all around great event. Hats off to Steve and his crew for keeping it going for 10 strong years - great job guys, and congrats. I took a TON of video, […]

“Hotrod Heart”

JW over on the Horse Board posted these pics of his scoot. I’m loving what he did with it – especially the tank and frame. Pipes looks great too.

Before and After Pics

Check out this thread going on over at the Jockey Journal of before and after pics. Lots of great bikes and I love seeing what people started out with and how they transformed it into something all their own.
The thread was started by “Trumped” and he has his own impressive example. Check it out – […]