1930 HD VL

I met Jeff Bolduc at the Topsfield Swap Meet a few weeks back where he had his 1930 HD VL with him. In my eyes, his bike is a show stopper. The history that seeps out of his bike just stops me in my tracks and makes me want to examine every inch of it. It doesn’t have some fancy million dollar paint job nor is it covered in chrome bits, but it’s soaked in stories of days gone by, of roads traveled and to me, that’s about a million times cooler than any chrome doodad you could ever bolt to your bike. To top it off, Jeff is a cool, friendly and knowledgeable guy, and I spent a chunk of the day talking shop with him. We’ve kept in touch after the show - and he’ll be bringing his beautiful piece of classic American iron down to the Elks Club on the August 6th - so all you locals will get to see it first hand. For those of you who are too far away or can’t make it, here are some pics that Jeff sent me of his bike and Jeff’s history with the bike….

“I have owned her for three years on the road for one. She is the real deal. I like to ride the bike. I do not have to prove anything to anybody. The bike came to my house in boxes. Not one nut or bolt was attached. My wife and I and some of my bike friends put the bike together. Motor and trans were done at Harbor Vintage in Jonesville, VT. Just started riding the bike and enjoying it. I don’t want my bike to be judged, I just want people to enjoy it, when I’m out riding and talking to people at shows. If people enjoy it that’s good enough for me.”

 DSC00493 DSC00489

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