Forum Updates & Choppahead

Chopper Underground (one of my favorite forums) got hit by a hacker last night and had a lot of posts straight up deleted. Definitely an unfortunate turn of events, and since the owner is completely MIA there is really nothing that can be done to salvage what was lost. That being the case, I’m slowly starting to archive what I can from those forums into the forum on this site. There is a lot of great info that’s been posted to CU over the years and it would be a shame to see it all disappear. So I’ve steadily working on the forum today, updating the software and navigation, and archiving threads. Check out the tech section in the forum for a bunch of new stuff and sign up (its free) to start posting.

I finally got around to watching the choppahead dvd, and all I have to say is - if you don’t have it, go order it now. Great job by Truth, Jay and all the guys involved. Top notch all around. Get into it.

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