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Bunch of Ugly Mugs

So the local paper got in touch with me about running a story about the motorcycle show. They asked for a picture to go along with it so tonight a bunch of my friends and I went down to the Elks Club to take one. Look for it to pop up in the Salem News […]

1930 HD VL

I met Jeff Bolduc at the Topsfield Swap Meet a few weeks back where he had his 1930 HD VL with him. In my eyes, his bike is a show stopper. The history that seeps out of his bike just stops me in my tracks and makes me want to examine every inch of it. […]

T-Shirts Ready to Order

To all those who have inquired - I’m feeling much better than I was yesterday. Not 100% yet, but a lot better. Nothing worse than being sick in the middle of a summer heatwave. In spite of that, I actually did get some work done tonight and I’m happy to say that T-Shirts are available […]


Finished up some posters for the show today. Check em out – click for bigger.

Chop Shop Customs

Came across this scoot on the Horse Board. Built by gave at Chop Shop Customs in Wichita Kansas. I’m loving it’s clean lines, and stance. Plus those pipes look killer.
Here is what Gabe said about it “Nice quick little 80″ H-D crate evo, 5 speed, rigid, 4″ over springer. Put 100 miles on it […]


This is just pretty damn cool…(click for bigger pic)

Gizmodo Reports: Hyanide Snow Bike Mobile Concept
This conceptual design easily falls into the category of coolest damn thing of the year. This motorcycle is equipped with tank-esque treads to turn it into an all-terrain mobile. This design was created by Germans, Oliver Keller and Tillamn Schlootz, […]

Forum Updates & Choppahead

Chopper Underground (one of my favorite forums) got hit by a hacker last night and had a lot of posts straight up deleted. Definitely an unfortunate turn of events, and since the owner is completely MIA there is really nothing that can be done to salvage what was lost. That being the case, I’m slowly […]

Laconia 2006 and Russell Mitchell Interview

Footage of the Biker Build Off episode that was filmed at Laconia 2006. Includes an interview with Russell Mitchell of Exile Cycles and the REAL awards presentation (not what you saw on TV)
Click On More to watch the video