Leatherwork: Sideshow Elvis


Check this dude out. I came across Chris (Sideshow Elvis) on the Jockey Journal Board. This guy doesn’t give himself enough credit because he does some seriously nice leatherwork Leather tooling is a real art form – some guys got the touch, others don’t. In my eyes, Chris is the real deal, his work really speaks for itself, but obviously the dude has skills. Check out the attention to detail and shading – just some really awesome work all around. He unfortunately doesn’t have a website yet, but he generally charges $40 to $50 for wallets & belts, $100 for women’s purses and $200 - $300 for seats – depending on the work involved. If you’ve done any shopping around for custom hand tooling, you know that those prices are very reasonable – especially considering the quality of work. If I get his O.K on it, I’ll update this post with his email address – otherwise, head over to the Jockey Journal and give him a shout on the “the board”.


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