1979 FXE

Check out this sick chop that scootermcrad posted on the boards over at the Jockey Journal. The bike belongs to his buddy Dennis Osinski and is one sweet looking ride. Check out that oil cooler and the taillight. Lots of cool details. I’ll let scooter tell you more about it….

A good friend of mine was over yesterday with his ‘79 FXE… I’ve always wanted to take some decent pics of it, so finally I got the chance.

A bit about Dennis… he’s a CRAZY mother fucker and he rides the shit out of this bike! It’s awesome! He owned a scooter shop for awhile and road a scooter to work almost everyday! That’s nuts in Vegas, but he made it cool and I gotta’ say, the thing was pretty fun to ride! Anyway, Dennis works for Nevada Power Company (with Raygunriot) so he’s always coming across bits and pieces that people give him. Instead of going out and buying stuff for brackets and such, he’d just make them from… well… anything and everything!!

The bike… you need to know about this bike! It’s ‘79 HD FXE-jklmnop… It was built by a local old-timer shop who sort of recently went underground and does work on their hot drag bikes and will do your old pan and 45 if you can actually get them to open the side door. This bike has been modified in just about every way possible! The motor is bored and maybe stroked (not sure on that one), modified 4-plug shovel heads, probably cammed and tweaked, but there’s still some history that we aren’t 100% on. The frame was raked and a narrowglide installed. Had dual brakes up front… but who needs front brakes?! GONE! The tank is from the scooter he used to ride every day and is only like a gallon or something. Everyone loves going on trips when he rides that bike! HAAA! Stock fender mounts gone and the fender attached right to the swing arm. The oil cooler is a trans cooler from SoCal speedshop and you hot rod guys should recognize the 2bbl scoop adapted any which way but loose to the S&S carb.

Lots of great stories about Dennis and the bike has even more history. Maybe I can convince him to get his non-internet ass on here sometime and tell us a little more (and probably correct me on some things). I’ll update if I learn more… in the mean time, enjoy the pictures (give it a few posts) tell him what you think. I’m sure he’ll at least read this!

Click on the pics for bigger versions.


Scooter_FXE_01 Scooter_FXE_02 Scooter_FXE_03 Scooter_FXE_04

Scooter_FXE_05 Scooter_FXE_06 Scooter_FXE_07


4 Responses to “1979 FXE”

  1. Matt Zito says:

    The original Chicken Man!


  2. J-DOT says:

    Real cool scoot, I’m working on a 79 fxe also, love your bike. I’m older (64) and I like the fact you left the shocks. Rigids look really cool but at my age I can’t handle them anymore. Would love a You tube flick of this BAD BOY running I bet it sounds awsome..

  3. Sky King says:

    I just found a 76 FXE project bike. Having it shipped from Denver to Oregon. It’s a mess, but for $3500 it’s a start. Thought I would convert to FL configuration, but THIS bike is giving me ideas!!



  4. Dustin says:

    Good looking bike. I have a 73 that I am working on and I’ve been looking for ideas for about 8 or 9 months and I finally came across yours. Too bad I’m about complete, it seems like Custom FXE’s are hard to find, thanks for sharing, I love it.

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